Tuesday, January 26, 2016

We'll leave the light on

Watching loved ones go through hard times, I'm deeply struck by the small kindnesses offered to each other.  It's much easier to grouse or strike out, so when we don't during times of pain, it's a thing of beauty. Bone weary, heart sick people taking an extra minute to put out towels, wash up sheets, leave the light on.  Cook or bring over something hearty and soothing to help feed the extras.  When defenses are down, we make easy targets, and we often forget the simple pleases and thank you's, or even where we left our coat.  Offenses are easily taken and given.  And there are always old hurts to poke if your anger needs venting.

When there's not all that much light to muster, leaving it on for sisters and brothers, making sure to offer simple comforts and kind smiles are the sure signs of good raisin' - humble true hearts full of love. And sure enough, the lady we are all grieving, who struggles to keep her eyes open when she speaks and is so uncomfortable when you ask after her welfare can only answer "I don't know". She unfailingly says "Thank you" for the ice chips and "please" when she needs help.  "Oh, that's good". She still asks about your dog and the swim meet.  And she never fails to say, "Be careful.  I love you." when we take our leave.  Such small things that demonstrate such great character and love. She may look like a frail little bird in that hospital bed, but she is so mighty and full of light - even when her eyes are closed.  She has done right by the world giving us so many lovely, kind humans who would never fail to leave the light on for 'ya.  Who could have more success than that in life or death?